1. BOS Improvement Proposal Example

Proposal Name

What is the name of your proposal?


What problem are you trying to solve with this proposal?
In 1-2 paragraphs, explain the problem that exists and why a solution is needed. Why has this problem not yet been solved, and what are the reasons why previous attempts at solving it have been unsuccessful?


What is your solution to the problem at hand?
This section should contain the most detailed description of your project and should offer concrete details around the specifics of how you will go about solving the problem detailed above. This section should be 1-2 paragraphs.


Who are your competitors?
In this section, you should offer a brief description of your competitors (if applicable). You should talk about other projects that are attempting to solve the same problem, and discuss how your approach is different and/or superior.

Execution Plan

How do you and your team plan to build this project?
In this section, you should specifically define a plan of action for building and deploying your project. First, you should list the major milestones for the project. Make sure that you explicitly define what is included in each milestone. Next, you should attempt to map your project milestones to a specific timeline. How much time do you expect each milestone to take to complete?
Wherever possible, offer specifics around tasks and timelines. Each milestone / proposal should be the result of specific scoped and measurable tasks that can allow for clear recognition and accountability.

Fund Release Plan

How much will the project cost, and how should funds be deployed?
In this section you should present the cost of the project and explain the reasoning behind that specific amount.
This section should also contain a release plan for the funds based around the Execution Plan. For most projects, funds will be released in batches in order to properly align incentives and create better accountability. This means that you can split your project into several proposals.
Project proposals will be re-submitted after each milestone, and token holders will be able to vote on funding. Breaking up the project into smaller proposals will allow your team to recieve funding in stages as the project progresses. If you prefer to structure the project around one major proposal, then you can apply to recieve funding after the project is complete.
Be as specific as possible around costs-- team, salaries, servers and infrastructure, etc.


Who are the people behind this project?
In this section, you should offer a brief background on the members of your team and talk about the unique value that they bring to the project.
Links that offer further information related to the proposal.